We are currently in 12 day Covid lockdown so no Coaching, Book a court or Competition is permitted from Friday 16th July- Tuesday 27th July

TERM 3 COACHING DATES: Due to covid #5 lockdown (Fri 16th- Tues 27th July Inclusive), the term has been extended by 1 week. The first week of school holidays will be utilized.

MONDAY 12th July- Thursday 15th July & WEDNESDAY 28th July- Sunday 26th September

· Wednesday 14th July, Wednesday 28th July- 22nd September (10 weeks)

· Thursday 15th July- Thursday 29th July- 23rd September (10 weeks)

· Friday 30th July- Friday 24th September (9 weeks)

· Sunday 1st August - Sunday 26th September (9 weeks)

· Monday 12th July, Monday 2nd August- 20th September (9 weeks)

· Tuesday 13th July, Tuesday 3rd August- 21st September (9 weeks)

Term 2, 2021: SUNDAY 18th April- Friday 25th June

  • Sunday 18th April - Sunday 20th June (9 weeks) No coaching 25th April- Anzac day

  • Monday 19th April- Monday 21st June (9 weeks) No coaching 14th June- Queens B'day

  • Tuesday 20th April- Tuesday 22nd June (10 weeks)

  • Wednesday 21st April- Wednesday 23rd June (10 weeks)

  • Thursday 22nd April- Thursday 24th June (10 weeks)

  • Friday 23rd April- Friday 25th June (10 weeks)

Term 1, 2021: THURSDAY 28th January- THURSDAY 1st April.

  • Thursday 28th January- 1st April (10 weeks)

  • Friday 29th January- 26th March (9 weeks)

  • Sunday 31st January- 28th March (9 weeks)

  • Monday 1st February- 29th March (8 weeks) No coaching 8th March- Labour day

  • Tuesday 2nd February- 30th March (9 weeks)

  • Wednesday 3rd February- 31st March (9 weeks)

New Applicants: Return this APPLICATION FORM. Once application is received, you will be contacted for best option (s) available.