Tennis Unlimited Coaches

Our main priorities are:

  • To lift the standard of playing for members and non members with a coaching program that caters to all ages, standards and budgets

  • Encourage and support players playing competition for the Club - especially juniors

  • Be involved in social and competition activities around the club. Tennis Unlimited is represented at: Junior Selections & Meetings, Family Events, Hot Shots Regional Events, Australian Open Showcases, CGD Big Picnic/Open Days, End of Season Presentations, Sporting School program (Gallery of Photos)

  • To be positive role models for the kids at our club.

Lisa D'Amelio Director

  • Tennis Australia Club Professional Coach

  • Physical Education Teacher (2007- Present)

  • National Ranking #10 (2006)

  • World Ranking #363 (2006)

  • Division 1 College Tennis, USA (2000- 2003)

  • Kooyong Club Champion- Singles & Doubles (2010)

  • State Grade Premiership Player (Dingley TC, Kooyong TC)

  • Head Coach at Noble Park TC (2008- 2014)

  • Talent Development Coach (2010)

  • Director of Coaching at Keysborough Tennis Club (Jan 2011- Present)

  • Lisa started coaching as an assistant coach in 1997 predominately at Klever Tennis which has various locations in City of Casey. She gained valuable experiences in all lesson types whilst on competition breaks both at home and abroad in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Long Island, NY, USA. Her early career focused on developing competing Juniors. Currently, she builds the business on her extensive background with grassroots tennis. Her passion is helping players and families of all levels into coaching, competition and or social opportunities at Keysborough tennis club.

Andrew Cooper - Senior Coach

  • Tennis Australia Junior Development Coach (incorporating SIS30519 Certificate III in Sport Coaching)

  • Tennis Australia Coach Member

  • Completed certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness at Homsglen Institute of Tafe

  • Waverley District Tennis Association: A Grade 4 Competition

  • Victorian Pennant

  • Started coaching in January 2012

  • Andrew has played competitive and social tennis for much of his life and his love of the game translates into his coaching. His updated his knowledge via the Tennis Australia coaching pathway and has experience in all lesson types including hot shots, private, semi private, cardio & squad training.

  • His strengths are his extensive knowledge and lesson preparation and planning. He communicates to his students what they are working on. He carries his lessons out in an engaging manner with great communication.

  • Andrew is also the Senior Convener. He has helped many graduating juniors continue their competition journey into Seniors at Keysborough Tennis Club.

Tony Vu

  • ATPCA Advanced Professional Tennis Coach

  • Currently studying Bachelor of Business Administrators at Monash University

  • Highest Junior Grade A1 WDTA

  • Started playing tennis age 12

  • Started coaching in October 2016

  • Tony enjoys coaching as he gets to teach others the sport he loves playing most. By having the opportunities of being trained by multiple tennis academies, exposed to tournaments all over Vic, tennis has always been a passion. He loves teaching different playing styles and applying techniques with all his students, recognizing the many differences between players. However nothing can beat the sheer enjoyment of seeing his students progress their tennis game.

  • Tony's strengths include making the lessons as enjoyable as possible whilst still being able to learn all the skills and tactics to improve every players game. His lessons are run with great structure and variety to achieve this.

Adrian Ng

  • Tennis Australia Junior Development Coach (incorporating SIS30519 Certificate III in Sport Coaching- Currently completing

  • Highest Competition Grade- A reserve

  • Over 18 years of playing experience

  • Adrian has taken up coaching as a mature age coach and continues to impress with his work ethic and passion as a coach. Adrian loves meeting new people, analysing the players strengths, game styles and weaknesses.

  • Adrian's strengths include patience and easy going while still trying to get best out of his players. He is adaptable to different players and styles.

  • Adrian coaches 6 days per week and is available for morning and holiday private lessons also.

Lawrence Barbuto

  • ATPCA Graduate Pro Course

  • Currently studying Exercise & Sports Science- Majoring in Exercise Physiology at Deakin University

  • Highest competition played was Platinum Australian Money Tournaments and Vic Pennant Grade 1

  • Started playing tennis age 5

  • Started coaching in October 2018

  • Lawrence enjoys knowing that his players can enjoy their lessons whilst still learning and improving. He feels super motivated when the students are enthusiastic to play each class.

  • Lawrence's strengths as a coach is passing on his knowledge from his experiences in playing high level tennis. He can offer his expertise in the best training techniques and tactics to ensure his students become the best players they can be

Brian Dinh

  • ATPCA Graduate Pro Course

  • Currently studying Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering (Honours)

  • Australian Open Customer Experience Ambassador - Site Roamer

  • Senior Competition Men's B5 Rubbers- WDTA

  • Started playing tennis age 11

  • Started coaching in October 2016

  • Brian really loves being able to put a smile on the faces of his students, trying to make tennis really enjoyable whilst still maintaining a very constructive and educational environment. Being able meet new people from the community and help others achieve their goals, brings him great joy.

  • Brian's strengths as a coach comes from his strong enthusiasm towards everything he does. He strives to ensure that through engaging lessons, the students enjoy their time, regardless of their goal. Although his not the strongest player around, he is always willing to be better and learn new things, to improve his coaching and tennis skills in order to provide the best time for everyone!

Brenton Bolin

  • ATPCA Graduate Pro Course

  • Tennis Australia Community Coaches Course

  • Currently studying Bachelor of Psychological Sciences at Swinburne University. Previously completed Diploma of Health Sciences at Swinburne University

  • Competition grade is Seniors B Special 3- WDTA

  • Started playing tennis age 9

  • Started coaching in October 2015

  • Brenton enjoys seeing the students gain confidence and learn to work together in their sessions. Helping students to grow in their rally skills is also one of his favourite parts of coaching.

  • Brenton's strengths are his reliability/flexibility, he uses great attention to detail in each lesson. He communicates well with the students and understands the individual differences and interests of the students.

  • Brenton has recently joined the Keysborough Tennis Club Committee and is Senior Convenor. He looks forward to incorporating a senior club championships and maintaining and building the number of senior teams entered at the club.

Kezzia Chan

  • Tennis Australia Community Coaching Course

  • Completed VCE- Killester College

  • Volunteer- Kids Day Australian Open, Springvale Park Development School (SCIP)

  • Started playing tennis age 9

  • Junior competition Open B3 Rubbers- WDTA

  • Started coaching in October 2019

  • Kezzia loves seeing the players smile and laugh in coaching sessions or during clinics. It makes her happy knowing that students are having fun while learning. Witnessing students she coaches improve over the course of a few months is what she finds most rewarding.

  • Kezzia's strengths include being able to tailor a lesson around the games that the children enjoy. Having strong relationships with the students. She makes the effort to ensure new students feel safe and comfortable within the tennis club

Sonia Pujar

  • Tennis Australia Community Coaching Course

  • Currently Completing VCE at John Monash Science School

  • Started playing tennis age 9

  • Junior competition A Reserve- WDTA

  • Started coaching in October 2019

  • Sonia enjoy coaching because she has a passion for tennis and likes to see young kids enjoy it as much as she does. She wants to help kids improve their game while ensuring they also have heaps of fun

  • Sonia's Strengths as a coach are empathy, communications skills and involving every kid as much as possible so they can get the most out of lessons.

Nikola Milosevic

  • Tennis Australia Community Coaching Course

  • Currently studying Engineering/Business at RMIT

  • Started playing tennis age 5

  • Nikola enjoys coaching because teaching tennis also allows him to further develop his understanding of the sport. He strives to keep his students improving as well as himself.

  • Nikola's strengths are his attention to detail in technique, especially helping students learn how to serve. He adds further diversity to the coaching program

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