TERM 3 COACHING: Monday 15th July- Sunday 15th September (9 weeks)

Monday 15th July- Monday 9th September (9 weeks) 

Tuesday 16th July- Tuesday 10th September (9 weeks) 

Wednesday 17th July- Wednesday 11th September (9 weeks) 

Thursday 18th July- Thursday 12th September (9 weeks) 

Friday 19th July- Friday 13th September (9 weeks) 

Sunday 21st July- Sunday 15th September (9 weeks) 

Spare week 10: Monday 16th September- FRIDAY 20th September: Private, Squad, Adult make up lessons (if required)

Autumn Holiday Clinic: Monday 8th, Tuesday 9th & Wednesday 10th April. To book HOLIDAY CLINICS 

TERM 2 COACHING: Sunday 14th April- Friday 21st June (10 weeks)

 Sunday 14th April- Sunday 16th June (10 weeks) 

Monday 15th April- Monday 17th June (no coaching 10.6 public holiday) (9 weeks) 

Tuesday 16th April- Tuesday 18th June (10 weeks) 

Wednesday 17th April- Wednesday 19th June (10 weeks) 

Thursday 18th April- Thursday 20th June (10 weeks) 

Friday 19th April- Friday 21st June (10 weeks) 

Spare week 11: Monday 24th June- FRIDAY 28th June: Private, Squad, Adult make up lessons (if required)

Holiday Clinic 22- 24 January, 2024 To book Holiday Clinic

Term 1: 2024: Monday 29th January- Thursday 28th March, 2024 

Monday 29th January- Monday 25th March (8 weeks- no coaching/charge 11th March- Labor day) 

Tuesday 30th January- Tuesday 26th March (9 weeks)

Wednesday 31st January- Wednesday 27th March (9 weeks)

Thursday 1st February- Thursday 28th March (9 weeks)

Friday 2nd February- Friday 22nd March (8 weeks)

Sunday 4th February- Sunday 24th March (8 weeks)


Term 4: 2023: Sunday 1st October- Friday 8th December (10 weeks)

Sunday 1st October- Sunday 3rd December (10 weeks) 

Monday 2nd October- Monday 4th December (10 weeks) 

Tuesday 3rd October- Tuesday 5th December (10 weeks) There WILL be coaching on Melb Cup Day

Wednesday 4th October- Wednesday 6th December (10 weeks) 

Thursday 5th October- Thursday 7th December (10 weeks) 

Friday 6th October- Friday 8th December (10 weeks) 

wk 11 Private, Squad & Adult Make up lessons: Monday 11th Dec- Fri 15th Dec

TERM 3, 2023: Monday 10th July- Sunday 10th September (9 weeks)  

Monday 10th July- Monday 4th September (9 weeks) 

Tuesday 11th July- Tuesday 5th September (9 weeks) 

Wednesday 12th July- Wednesday 6th September (9 weeks) 

Thursday 13th July- Thursday 7th September (9 weeks) 

Friday 14th July- Friday 8th September (9 weeks) 

Sunday 16th July- Sunday 10th September (9 weeks) 

wk 10 Private, Squad & Adult Make up lessons: Monday 11th Sep- Fri 15th September. 

TERM 2, 2023 COACHING: Sunday 23rd April- Friday 23rd June (9 weeks)

Sunday 23rd April- Sunday 18th June (9 weeks)

Monday 24th April- Monday 19th June (8 weeks) No coaching 12th June- King's Bday)

Tuesday 25th April- Tuesday 20th June (9 weeks) There is coaching Anzac day 25.4

Wednesday 26th April- Wednesday 21st June (9 weeks)

Thursday 27th April- Thursday 22nd June (9 weeks)

Friday 28th April- Friday 23rd June (9 weeks)

AUS OPEN Holiday Clinic: Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th October

TERM 1, 2023 COACHING: Sunday 29th January- Thursday 6th April

Sunday 29th January- Sunday 2nd April (10 weeks)

Monday 30th January- Monday 3rd April (9 weeks) No coaching 13th March- Labour day

Tuesday 31st January- Tuesday 4th April (10 weeks)

Wednesday 1st February- Wednesday 5th April (10 weeks)

Thursday 2nd February- Thursday 6th April (10 weeks)

Friday 3rd February- Friday 9th 31st March (9 weeks) No coaching 7th April- Good Friday

No coaching Monday 13th March- Labor day public holiday, Friday 7th April- Good Friday

For More information on Competition options see EVENTS  


TERM 4, 2022: Sunday 2nd October- Friday 9th December & Tuesday 13th Dec (10 weeks)

Sunday 2nd October- Sunday 4th December (10 weeks)

Monday 3rd October- Monday 5th December (10 weeks)

Tuesday 4th October- Tuesday 13th December (10 weeks) No coaching 1st Nov- Mel Cup Day

Wednesday 5th October- Wednesday 7th December (10 weeks)

Thursday 6th October- Thursday 15th December (10 weeks) Extended due to washout Thu 27th Oct

Friday 7th October- Friday 9th December (10 weeks)

Private Make up lessons Monday 12th Dec- Friday 16th December

TERM 3, 2022: Monday 11th July- Friday 16th September (10 WEEKS)

Monday 11th July- 12th September (10 weeks)

Tuesday 12th July- 13 September (10 weeks)

Wednesday 13th July- 14th September (10 weeks)

Thursday 14th July- 15th September (10 weeks)

Friday 15th July- 16th September (10 weeks)

Sunday 17th July- 11th September (9 weeks)

AUTUMN HOLIDAY CLINIC: Wednesday 20th- Friday 22nd April (2nd week school holidays)

TERM 2, 2022: Tuesday 26th April- Sunday 26th June (9 WEEKS)

Tuesday 26th April- 21st June (9 weeks)

Wednesday 27th April- 22nd June (9 weeks)

Thursday 28th April- 23rd June (9 weeks)

Friday 29th April- 24th June (9 weeks)

Sunday 1st May- 26th June (9 weeks)

Monday 2nd May- 20th June (7 weeks)  No coaching 25th April Anzac day or 13th June Queen's Bday


Sunday 30th January- Sunday 3rd April (10 weeks)

Monday 31st January- Monday 4th April (9 weeks) No coaching 14th March- Labour Day

Tuesday 1st February- Tuesday 5th April (10 weeks)

Wednesday 2nd February- Wednesday 6th April (10 weeks)

Thursday 3rd February- Thursday 7th April (10 weeks)

Friday 4th February- Friday 8th April (10 weeks)

Coaching Staff Vaccine Status: As of 17.11.2021 Double Dose: 100%. Latest Covid updates from Tennis Vic are detailed here: