We are currently in Covid lockdown #6. In accordance to the current road map: Sunday 26th September- Monday 25th October: RECREATIONAL PLAY only- details to be released of how many are allowed in venue- Members use Book a Court system to book your hit

We are expecting FULL Coaching program to be back from Tuesday 26th October

*Term 3 payments will be carried over into term 4

Latest Covid updates from Tennis Vic are detailed here:

Term 4, 2021- Dates - TUESDAY 26th OCTOBER- THURSDAY 23rd DECEMBER

  • Tuesday 26th October- 21st December (9 weeks- there WILL be coaching on Cup day)

  • Wednesday 27th October- 22nd December (9 weeks)

  • Thursday 28th October- 23rd December (9 weeks)

  • Friday 29th October- 17th December (8 weeks)

  • Sunday 31st October- 19th December (8 weeks)

  • Monday 1st November- 20th December (8 weeks)

New Applicants: Return this APPLICATION FORM. Once application is received, you will be contacted for best option (s) available.