Services & Prices 1st October 2020 - Present

Introduction to Hot Shots - ages 4-5+ Kindergarten age

Youngsters learn different fundamental movement skills including stances, throwing, catching and striking that are the foundations of tennis specific shots. This is combined with tennis over a mini net.

45 minutes, class size limit:

4 children per class

$15 per lesson, $150 per term

Hot Shots - Red Stage, Orange & Green Stages - ages 5-12+

Juniors can begin learning to play in a smaller court size using largers and softer red balls. Juniors progress through orange and green compression balls as well as increased court size preparing them for the yellow ball and full court.

45 minutes, class size limit:

4 children per class

$15 per lesson, $150 per term

Group Lessons

All ages and standards can enjoy learning with our most affordable group option.

45 minutes, class size limit:

4 players per class

$15 per lesson, $150 per term

Semi Private Lessons

Lessons have only 2 players per coach enabling greater player attention and cost sharing. Best suited to friends/family who are similar level and available same time to learn together.

$20 / 30 minutes

$30 / 45 minutes

$40 /1 hour

Price per person, payed by term

Private Lessons

Lessons individually tailored and target specific aspects of your game for maximum improvement.

$35 / 30 minutes

$50 /45 minutes

$65 / 1 hour


Focus on drills that focus on tactics for match play, tailored to competition and/or tournament players.

90 minute (1.5 hour) session

Thursday 7pm & Friday 7pm

  • $25/class, $250/term

  • 10-13 players / 2 coaches

  • 14-16 players / 3 coaches

All lessons types require full term payments up-front. Installments can apply for 45 minute/1 hour private lessons. If somebody joins mid-term, fees are pro-rata.

Lesson Times

Keysborough Tennis Club:

Monday to Friday 4pm -8:30pm, weekday mornings upon request

Sunday mornings from 8.15am-1pm.

This video explains Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis Workouts

Cardio Tennis is a fantastic group fitness program designed to get your heart racing to better health. And the best part is, you don't even need to know how to play tennis to participate. MONDAY 7PM- T1, 2021

Cardio tennis is a high energy way to enjoy tennis and get fit!

1 hour - 6 minimum, 8 players maximum per workout

45 mins - 4 minimum, 5 players maximum per workout

$15 per class, fees paid by term

$20 casual visit, subject to availability and 48 hour advance booking.

Please note, all classes are subject to our Coaching Policies

Phone: 0419 104 655


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